Tempeh Amaranth & Tomatoe Stew


vegetarian lunch

This is one of my favorite recipes, for two good reasons. It is delicious and satisfying. We are approaching fall and this stew is just a perfect vegan alternative for that.

The night before put some amaranth in a bowl of water. This will make it easier to digest and also, you won’t need as much time later when it’s time for cooking.

amaranth (follow the directions on the package regarding cooking and serving sizes)
1 small eggplant
1/2 onion
200 g mashed tomatoes
1/2 cup water
cayenne pepper
sea salt

sunflower seeds

Measure the amaranth due to instructions on the package. Follow the instructions and let it boil on a low heat. Meanwhile, chop the onion and eggplant, place in a wide sauce pan with some olive oil, saute on low heat. After 5 minutes add the tomatoes and the water. Stir in the beginning, until everything has mixed together. Cover and let boil on low heat for additionally 5-10 minutes.

While the stew is boiling, saute your tempeh, add some seasoning such as cilantro, salt, paprika and black pepper. It’s ready when light brown.

Add the amaranth into the stew and serve your beautiful dish with tempeh and some arugula, tomatoes and sunflower seeds on the side. Before enjoying the meal, make sure you calmed down, set the table, perhaps some nice calming music in the background, no phones in front of you. Just food or perhaps some nice company. Enjoy beautiful!