5 unexpected ways to finally become healthier


Are you on the search for the perfect diet (underlying perfect body)?

You are not anlone, 90 % of all women are int the same situation as you. Consistantly keeping track of what are eating, or not eating. Feeling guilty when eating too much, or making less healthy choices. Simply because that choice means that you have steped away from what you want to acheive.

These unsuccessful attemps of reaching that number on the scale still hasn’t taken you any closer to your goal. It’s time to change stratergy, to do something else!

Healthy now

Here is the point: The problem is not THE FOOD. The problem is that you are a result of a society that what us to believe that you need THAT BODY, which you see in the magazines, on Instagram, Facebook and in the ads. That’s the reality we are facing and my dear friend, it is nothing wrong with you, it is the idea that the society have given you about what you need to look like in order to be healthy.

So many women are running around with this ongoing pressure, toxic thoughts about themselves, without being able to make that shift. Without being able to get that body.

But, what is that body really about?

Sometimes we try to look a certain way just to get approval from others. Sometimes, we really have bad eating habits, that’s not making us any good and a change – weight loss, would really heal us.

However, so many times I see girls just wanting to lose weight just because they want to escape from themselves and their problems. A change that’s approved by the society will bring us joy on the inside as well. No sorry, that’s not the case. I have been their myself, a few years ago, I didn’t want to deal with all my thoughts and feelings. On an unconcious level I went in to over exercising, working too much and constantly thinking about what to eat in order to slim down.

In fact, all these actions are meaningless if you don’t TAKE ACTION and figure out WHY you are in this situation and why you change and keep coming back to that siuation, over and over again. I know, this is not easy, but I’ll help here.

organic foods

Lose weight and sustain it:

  1. Give up diets

    Focus on eating wholesome nourishing food. Focus on quality instead of grams of carbs, fat and protein. Eat for energy and to nourish yourself, rather than for the numbers on the scale.

  2. Slow down – make time for rest

    Just as you use too schedule and really priotorize your exercise, do the same and set aside time for meditation: great app for this!, yoga, which you even can do from home with YouTube videos or online yoga classes. Relaxation exercises or simply just laying in your sofa doing nothing.

  3. Throw away your scale

    As simple as it sounds. Just do it. With a scale at home I know yopu tend to weigh yourself all the time. In fact, the number is just a number and doesn’t tell you anything about how you are feeling after a meal, where the food comes from, how full you are and if you are healthy and happy or not.

  4. Mindful eating – slow, chew your food

    Thedigestion starts as soon as the first piece of food goes in to your mouth. In fact, if you are stressed, thinking about work, the next thing you have to do, who to call or anything else than the food you have in front of you. You are very likely to rush through your meal within 5 minutes, not even noticing that it’s all gone. You don’t even no what it tasted like and you are still hungry, reaching for something else with listening to your body. Instead, create a special place for you meals, set the table, put on some nice music iin the background. Place food on your plate so that it looks appealing. Take 5 deep breaths before you start eating and stay with your food tyhroughout your meal. Ask yourself what it tastes like and chew, chew as many times as possible before you swallow.

  5. STOP listening to what everyone else says

    Insteadof listening to what everyone else tells you that you should eat, go to yourself and dare to exerperience what works for your body and mind. Challenging? Yes, absolutely! However, this the key. Being able to go your own way and trust in your own decisions when it comes to food is vital. Because we are differnt, we all have differnet lifestyles, different climates, ages and circumstances. What worked yesterday, might work today and tomorrow. It’s ogoing journey and you have to be patient.

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I hope this helps, take care!