How was your meal?


eating1. How was your last meal?
2. How long time did it take you to finish it?
3. What did it taste like?
4. How did you feel just before you were about to finish it?
5. Was your meal a reflection of how you feel about your body?

Mindful eating – what is that?

So many people rush through their meals, not even noticing what just happened and it’s all a sudden gone. What a disappointment. You are left out there without even feeling full, nor satisfied. Having more food is not an option, because that will affect your body negatively. What a dead end. Is this you?

Are you feeling frustrated and fearful in your body and relationship with food?
Dear you, you are not alone. This used to be me as well and I know so many people that are walking around with these thoughts.. If it’s time for you to release the stress and get out of your own jail.

By slowing down, creating awareness and peace around your meal, you can start creating a healthier relationship to food and your body. Lose weight, become, healthier and happier. But how? Start with this simple thing: 5 deep breaths. Focus on your meal, it+s an experience, that you re suppose to enjoy fully, it is a blessing, be grateful.

Wan’t to know more about how you can create a peaceful meal?

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