A typical day on my plate


A very common question I get so often is “What do you eat?”
Not so unexpected when you are a nutritionist counselor and health coach, I guess.. So I thought, I will give you a hint and insight. But I have to tell you, I am person who easily get bored, so I have switch it up all the time. I am for sure, not the person who can eat the same breakfast for years… I always try to buy in bulk and cook many meals at the same time, usually on sunday. If I have to cook during the weeks, for lunch, for example, the it has to be easy and that doesn’t mean fast food. I keep it simple with a few nutrient dense ingredients.

With all my food and meals, it is highly depending on season – I listen to my body. During summer I am more into cold and raw meals. Meanwhile, now during fall and winter, I am reaching for more cooked and warming food – a little more spicy and heavier.



Right now I am into chia-pudding, but during summer I am in to my smoothie bowl with my homemade granola. To not get bored I try to mix it up. Such chia-pudding with pumpkin, banana or persimmon flavor, served with berries or fruits. Always a coffee! This gives me a fiber and protein rich start.


Lunch is typically a salad with lots of colorful veggies, good, high quality fat sources, such as seeds, olives and avocado and some fermented food to feed good gut bacteria (such as fermented carrots and cabbage).


I am not a big snack person as I don’t have a that active work. But an apple and perhaps some nuts is a snack I usually repeat, as well as homemade seed crackers or bars. But afternoon is always either some herbal tea (preferably Yogi tea) or coffee.


Dinner is usually something simple, prepared the day before or I cook it the same day and make some extra. Usually a stew or soup this time of the year. Containing complex carbs, starchy veggies, protein, either plant based or as here with meat.

Later on during the night I usually zip on another Yogi tea before bed time. I craving something I either have some kefir with berries and granola.

I hope you enjoyed this insight. Feel free to connect and let me know what you want me to cover next time!