5 Steps to Reduce Stress Over Christmas



We are dreaming about holidays, days with family and friends, tasty food, leisure and time to just relax. But for many of us, the reality is something totally different, these movie alike Christmas, are for most of us not even close to what our reality look like. Especially because we have too much negative stress before Christmas actually arrives.

This is because we believe we have so much to do. We have to buy presents, we have to clean the house so it looks stunning, we have to attend in the end of the year work parties, gatherings with friends and cooking for Christmas.


The problem is that the picture many of us have of an ideal Christmas, doesn’t match what the society looks like today. We use our time differently, the family roles have changed, both parents are usually working and we spend time inside our homes. Hence, the time for cleaning, taking care the home, preparing all the typical Christmas food and presents is way more limited. Frankly, the time is still the same, not limited, however we use it differently now than we did 50 years ago. Thus, that should reflect our expectations and view of what an ideal Christmas should look like.

Therefore, lets workout something out together, to find a strategy that  works today.

First of all, the success of your Christmas doesn’t rely on your actions, whether you cook that typical food or not. Or if you buy these expensive gifts or not. But it relies in the way you feel, if you are feeling stressed out and tired after preparing everything, you won’t be in a good mood, you won’t be that loving, fun person to be around.

Before you start doing and get into old patterns and back to the typical Christmas stress, decide on what is the most important.

5 steps to reduce Christmas stress:

  1. What is the most essential to focus on, for you, in order to have a good Christmas?
  2. When that is clear, move on to next step and break these values into actions, what do you practically have to do and when?
  3. Start early! Because then you will be less stressed and you will feel like you have control over the situation.
  4. Dare to say no and ask for help. If you are a big group of people celebrating Christmas together break down the tasks and share them between you, as much as possible.
  5. No pressure, more love. You are doing your best!