5 simple ways to help you get back on track after the holiday season


Getting back after holidays can feel like a pretty big and challenging thing. Why? Because many of us have gone from our normal routines from; waking up early, eating healthy breakfast, going to the gym, working all day, to; indulging in big meals and more sweets.

Here is the solution: by adjusting from where you are right now, with the help through these five simple steps, you can get back to where you were before your holidays.

This is how: 

Create a morning routine

A healthy start will prepare you for a day in the same way. So start by hydrating after a long nights sleep and fasting. Drink some leek warm water with some lemon. Meditate, write some morning pages or write down 7 thing you are grateful for. Note, is you don’t want to start with any of these practices, go for a walk, a run or do some gentle morning yoga. Have a shower and continue with a healthy and nourishing breakfast.

Stay active

Make sure you keep moving during the day. Aim for 10 000 steps a day. Instead of taking car or the train, walk! Take every chance you get to keep active. Less sitting, more standing and walking!

50, 25, 25 % Rule

Let half your plate be filled with vegetables. The rest of the plate should be covered with a high quality protein source such as: fish, prawns, turkey, meat or quinoa, peas, lentils, beans, tofu, kale, hemp, seeds, egg, cheese, broccoli, tempeh, if you prefer vegetarian sources. Last part is brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, kamut, hirs, sweet potatoes, beets, potatoes or similar.

Mindful eating – be present and slow down

Before it’s time for your meal, get prepared. Clean up the table, create a nice atmosphere and take a few deep breaths before it’s time to start eating. Then when eating, really – slow down! Eating too fast leads to gas and bloating, and it also prevents you from recognizing when you’re satiated.

Start listening to yourself

Practice consciousness. Dare to take a step back and tune into yourself. How are you doing today? What do you need this very special day to feel as good as possible? Many times, it’s easier to write this down, make it more real impact-full. Prioritize yourself and minimize the need of having to act out your emotions and frustration.