8 Steps to Heal Your Relationship with Your Body


Afraid, lost, frustrated and with an never ending battle with yourself?
Stepping on the scale several times a week, or even a day and endlessly counting calories. Obsessing over what you just ate, what your next meal will be like and how to make sure you fit in that workout into your busy schedule.

If this is you, you have something to work on. Something to get better at, something to put all your energy into. To choose love over fear. Instead of focusing on a particular, body or weight, focus on health, focus on how you can be the most vibrant, free and energetic version of yourself and the weight wont play an as big role as before.

But can you possibly change that self-sabotaging behavior in a world that promotes six-pack abs, a certain body type, a barbie alike look and a particular kind of lifestyle?

Yes, it is possible! In fact, it is not about that, it is about how you decide to look at it, how you want to relate to it an how you want to live YOUR life.

– Do you want be a slave under the ideals?

– Or do you want to live your life from a place of love?

It’s up to you, it’s your choice!

But if you think it’s time to brake up with that little evil on your shoulder and look at the brighter side and welcome love and self-care rather than self-sabotage into your life, then you should continue reading.

Don’t beat yourself up – Lift yourself up!

When we shift focus from a mentality where we have a lack of something and just by reaching a certain goal, everything will be alright, it is most likely that we will fall back, after reaching the goal. This is because we are giving our goal, in this case our weight all the power, we make our goal – the weight, our hero, and with that comes expectations. Try this, more beneficial way of setting goals instead.

If we fulfill our expectations, everything will be perfect, however, when we don’t (which is the most common case) we tend to beat ourselves up and consequently take ourselves further away from the goal – a number on the scale. You can find more information about how to quit dieting here!

As you can see, with this mentality you are giving the scale and the numbers a lot power over your life. But if you instead try to go through life in a way that makes you grow, that makes you stronger and that makes you a better human being – the weight will be secondary. Because you will find satisfaction through areas in your life and most of all by looking at yourself as you are, without wanting to change. You will start to appreciate what you got, you will become more present, your relationships will start to grow and you will see the value in making time for yourself.

Then it is time shift focus from that scarcity mentality and instead put all the energy you use to obsess over the number, to instead put the energy into taking care of yourself. By over and over making choices that promotes wellbeing and permanent health.

8 steps to rebuild your relationship with your body:

  1. Send love to what you actually like about your body

    Appreciate the parts of your body that you like. Write down a list of 3 things you like about a certain part of your body, something do with your body or something else that you appreciate.

  2. Look beyond the look

    Shift focus from the look, instead think of what you actually can do with your healthy body. Think of things that actually take for granted.

  3. Accept your body

    Give thanks to your body for being what it is. Stay in the thought of your body being as it is, without any changes and dare to experiences these feelings that will come with that thought. In fact, you don’t need a special kind of body in order to live a healthfully, happy and nourishing life.

  4. STOP comparing yourself with others!

    Get rid of all your health magazines and other magazines, that promotes a certain kind of ideal body (more or less every kind of magazine). Go through your Facebook and Instagram account and get rid of all the accounts or friends that makes you sad and stressed out, for not having “that body”.

  5. STOP punishing yourself for yesterday’s meals

    Beating yourself up for what you ate yesterday is not going to take you any further. Believe me! Frankly, your body listens to this negative clutter, which creates stress, which is a real spoiler if you starve health and wellness.
  6. Practice gratitude

    Start writing down 5 things on a daily basis that you are grateful for, great app for this: Bliss

  7. Write a letter to your body

    Be honest, be open, be clear and dare to write down whatever comes to your mind. Whatever you feel like you want to tell your body at this point.

  8. Avoid photos of you- save them for later

    You don’t need to see these pictures of yourself right now. As you don’t want to beat yourself up more for not having that body. So right now it’s better to wait with that.

    Remember that this is it. One life, one body! Make sure you nurture it, rather than punishing it for not fitting into a ideal, that nor will make you happier or healthier.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch for further coaching on how to improve your relationships with your body and with YOU.