Chia-pudding with a touch of chocolate


Chia seeds, mixed with water and goat yogurt, topped with a chocoloate mixture. Sounds pretty good, right? It is not only tasty, also healthy, wohoo!! 🙂 A breakfast including a good amount of fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, protein and complex carbs.

2 tbsps. chia seeds
1/3 cup (1 dl) water
100 gram yogurt
Chocolate mixture:
1/5 avocado
2 tsp. raw cacao powder
lemon juice
1/5 cup (3/4 dl) water
coconut flakes

1. The night before place chia seeds with water in a jar or bowl. Stir until all seeds are completly covered.

2. The morning after add yoghurt to your chia mixture.

3. In a blender mix avocado, cacao, lemon juice and water.

4. Put the chocolate mixture on top of your chia mixture and serve with your topping.

Enjoy! <3


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