Become an intuitive eater – lose weight & keep it off


Some people ase just naturally slim, right? But why is that and what are they doing differently?

I meet so many different individuas through my coaching, especially dieters. What characterises dieters? They have a “all or nothing” mindset. They devide food into “good” and “bad”. They have a strong emotional connection to food and let their emotions decide what and how much to it. They tend to be fast eaters and rush mindlessly through their meals. They blame and beat themselves up when not following their “food rules”.

Intuative – natural eaters don’t put labels on the food they it. They simply eat when they are hungry and enjoy it. They see food and dear meals as a chance to refill and nourish themselves. 

This is obviously two stereotyps, however pattern like this can be seen in dieters in comparision with intuative eatera, who also tend to keep a more stable and healthy weight.

This Characteristics Intuitive eaters:

  • Eat slow and enjoy their food.
  • They eat everything, but not always.
  • They separate their emotional lives from food.
  • Listen to their bodies and eat when they are hungry.
  • Don’t compare themselves with others.
  • They don’t feel guily after eating.
  • No depravation.
  • They eat small amount of everything

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