How to STOP dieting for good


Do you start a new diet more or less every single Monday? Do you feel body shame and frustration? Are you conistantly searching for new solutions to lose these extra pounds?

So many people, especially women can relate to a this. When you go in with al your energy and will-power to try eating healthy, by following this new diet or that recommendation you got from a friend, we tend to fail.

When you go outside of the rules you have sat up or yourself, it often results in feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, and guilt.

Why do we let these emotions take over?

Because we let our self-worth be depending on our behaviour – what do and what we don’t do. Thus, let not following a diet mean we are not good enough, we can’t do what we decide to do, which means we aren’t a good person. Which means we won’t be able to find a partner, we won’t succed in life and so on. You see, it’s a very poisining way of thinking and it real causes a negative sprial of thought emotions and to the extent that we typically punishing behaviors. Moreover, in that way that way we are able to match our believes with our actions. Meaning that as long as you let you let the outcome of your actions define you, you are just taking yourself further and further away from your weight loss goal.

This never-ending cycle is incredibly draining physically, mentally, as well as emotionally and can frankly affect aall aspects of your life.

STOP the negative dieting cycle

To stop this negative spiral you have to take a step back and realize that food and exercise doesn’t say anything about you. It doesn’t tell us anything about you, you as a person or your own self-worth. Additionally, avoid putting labels on food such as “good” and “bad”.
Giving food morality means giving the power to the food. That is to give food a lot of power to control and define your life. Hence, your interactions with food are accompanied by fear, worry and judgement. This makes very hard to reach your goal and find a healthy realtionship with food and a balance. More about how to stop dieting!

Food is food – natures own goodies – there to nourish you and make you thrive!

Get clear on what you want & reach your goals

Instead of starting a new attempt to lose weight on Monday, disattach yourself from these belives and look beyond weight. Weight can absolutely be a great motivater, but don’t let it be the only benefit. What are some other benefits that are linked to improvements in your lifestyle?

If you find it hard to know at such early stage, look at your current situation and see what is missing and what you which to improve. Don’t think about how you want to feel, and what need to do in order to achieve that. More about goal-setting here!

Be kind to yourself and let it take time, take it step by step, if something goes wrong, try again! Look at the babies for example, they fall all the time when they trying to learn how walk, but guess what. What are they doing about? Trying again! You, go do the the same! Additionally, don’t be afraid to consult a professional, for support, expertise and guidance.