Healthy Eating for Busy People


When feeling overwhelmed, out of control and like you basically are running from one thing to another, eating healthy tend to just feel like an impossible mission. If you are a busy mom, a young professional in the beginning of your career or just very, very stressed out. My intention with this blog post is to create some clarify for you.

When you are fighting every single hour on your day, something just got to go. It’s essential to prioritize, in order to make it work. Thus, most of the times we sacrifice is our health. We give up on grocery shopping, we go for fast, easy alternatives, usually highly processed and we skip physical activities, in order to free some extra time. We put ourselves on hold and let go of relaxation and mindfulness. Completing our emails and finishing our to-do lists are our first prioritizes.

In the long run this beomes counterproductive, because in the long run, our ability to perform the tasks we priotirized, start lacking. Consequently, we become less effective doing the things we priotirized and it’s backfiring us. When we can’t do what we found the most important, we become even busier, but our ability to complete the tasks are not as good as we want it to be, because we have been sacrificing ourselves and our health.

In conclusion, eating healthy should always be your top priority.

How to eat healthy when busy

1. Shop in bulk

When visiting your grocerystore, make sure you are prepared. Now what you want and buy a lot, stock up so you have the best prerequisites for cooking healthy. Frozeen veggies and berries are big go to’s for busy people. As well as legumes and other protein sources that you can put in your freezer or pentry. Try to go the the grocery store once a week to get some fresh fruits and veggies as well.

2. Cook in bulk

As soon as you get a chance to cook, cook at least 4 portions. So you can stuck up your freezer, hence more prepared when entering your home after a super busy day at work. While making some salmon in your oven, cook some brown rice and steam some veggies. Prepare some guacamole, hummus and similar mixtures or dips. Use the veggies and rice as your base and then add in different protien sources throughout the week, to mix it up a little. Your mixtues will make great easy no prep food.

3. No prep food

Fresh vegetables and fruits as well as hummus and guacamole are great. Just slice them and dig in! No cooking needed. As well as sallads with your already prepped protein source. Addtional protein sources are cans of tuna and sardines as well as pre-sliced meets and chickpeas.

4. Always have a snack on hand

Dried coconut flakes, kefir, yogurt, Skyr or similar with some fresh berries ready on the go. Or pre cooked sweet potaoes with some Tahini, avocado or similar. Or pack a smoothie or chia-pudding in a jar and you saved and won’t have to experience sudden blood-sugar falls.  As well as unsalted nuts, fruits and olives.

5. Let go of your perfection

I have seen it so many times, how perfection kills clients ability to eat healthy. The all or nothing mindset in general, puts a lot of pressure on us. The perfect eating or diet won’t take you anywhere but further away from where you want to be. The stress that eating “perfect” and keeping up puts on you is more distoying than anything else. So take a step back and just do your best.

Health, and the journey to a healthier and happier life is about balance. To be open and to allow yourself to recognize what works best for you. Some days will be better than others, and that’s how it works – that’s life with its ups and downs. Aim for eating nourishing food most of the times and enjoy the journey!