Skinny for Summer? No thanks! Healthy for Life? Yes Please!


How can I lose these extra kilos for summer?

Which diet is the most affective one?

Skinny body=happy, a part of the fun – dream life?

Is that how your thoughts are going right now? Then you are just like the majority of the population. Summer is this beautiful time when we spend more times utside, more times on adventure and less time worrying about what is to come. We are more present – we are living in the moment. More socializing, more beach time and more vacation time.

In addition, social media; Instagram, Facebook and commercials, helps telling us what we should look like in order to have that sparkling vibrant summer of our dreams and biggest desires and it starts early, just as winter has left us. Moreover, gyms starts filling up, people contact nutritionist and health coaches just like myself for meal plans and the hunt for the perfect body has started. 

In the end, chasing a body shaped by conventional standards of attraction and achieving an ideal body can become a very dangerous road – and lead to hormonal, emotional, behavioral and physical issues.

What is an attractive body, due to social norms is less important. What matters is of course individual. But isn’t being healthy, happy and satisfied something we allpt on the top of our priorities? So it’s frankly time to erase that equal sign between skinny and an amazing summer. Let me explain why I think so.

1. It won’t make you healthier

Because achiving a certain body time, for example; super skinny and lean, doesn’t make you any happier and somethimes not even healthier.

2. It doesn’t ensure an outstanding summer

Even if I would be five kilos lighter, it doesn’t ensure me to have the most fun, successful and exciting summer. My happiness doesn’t lye within the kilos, my happiness lies within me, I am the only one who can access it.

3. It’s toxic for your relationship with food

What happens when we get into the dieting mentality is that we become obsessed. We become a victim under the diets and can’t stop thinking about food. Because we think that our weight-loss goal only lies within our own ability control our food intake. What typically happens is that we become so worried about our weight that we start avoiding certain social situations that can cause weight gain. We restrict ourselves more, start counting calories, we end up eating when none is watching and we beat ourselves up when not following our weightloss plan.

4. I don’t want to mess up my metabolism

I am really talking out of my own experience, I know which serious causes dieting can have in the long run. Metabolism is fueled by the food we eat, because our body needs specific nutrients in order for this to occur. Hence, when we restrect ourselves the metabolism is downregulates. This is actually a primar survival mechanism, that in past kept us alive while facing times with accessability to food. In the beginning, you will lose weight, but if you keep going on a too small calori intake for too long, your body will come to a platue and save the extra energy it gets for survival.

5. Life is short – life can be spent in a much better way

Rather than focusing on losing three kilos for the beach season, all the time spent working out and focusing on food in order to change your body can be used for so many other incredible things, like career, having fun with friends and family, your parther,your hobbies and a life with joy and happiness and not a life striving an ideal created by society that doesn’t make any sense.02

When you find yourself looking at these images agian, indirectly telling yourself that you should lose a few kilos and tune up for summer. Say STOP! Take a step back and ask yourself; Who am I actually doing this for?