Eat it WITHOUT guilt & fear


Have you ever finished a piece of cake or a chocolate bar without even knowing what it tasted like?

So many of us have an experience of this – checking out from the present moment in order to not have to feel the gulit that shows up when eating “unhealthy foods”. It’s a reasonable response, because we don’t want feel the things that are uncomfortable, the things that makes us judge ourselves. So instead we check out and shut down both emotions and awareness of the present moment.

So what can we do instead, in order to handle sweets and life in a more beneficial way?

5 Powerful Tips for a Better Relationship with “Unhealthy Foods”

  1. Make conscious choices and let go of the guilt

    When we make conscious choices, we don’t need to worry afterwards, because we have taken charge of the situation and decided what we want to do – we are aware.

  2. Sit down and enjoy – do the eating and not thousands of other things

    Sit down, because then you are more likely to focus on now and when you focus on now you dare to meet yourself. On contrary, when you stand up, it’s easier to just rush through your treat, in order to just move on to the next thing and forget about how you are doing and what you are feeling.

  3. Create a sacred space

    Making your meal, even if it’s just a piece of cake or  chocolate bites special, adds purpose and value to the moment. It also tends to slow you down, as you feel more tuned into the sitaution.

  4. You are not what you eat

    One of the things that causes the most problems with our relationship to food is that we don’t want to meet ourselves in that situation when we eat our treat. Because we put a label on the cake and not only the cake, most iportantly ourselves for eating the cake/ chocolate. If you can make a distinction between what you eat and who you are, you have come a long way.

  5. Love yourself fully while eating the cake/ chocolate/…

    Once a again, stay present and love yourself fully while enjoying your treat and move on! When you give treats less power, their space and power decreases. Because it isn’t a big deal anymore. You can have it when you want and as much as you want, on your own permisses without having to feel guilty.

Have you have any tips ourself, feel free to share in the comments below! Or if you found this helpful, please share it so more people can take advantage of it! If you which to get more help within this are check out my coaching programs!