How to set goals for a mindblowing 2018


2017 is almost over, it’s the perfect time to stop, reflect, be totally honest and get very clear on what you want to manifest for the year to come. Because in that way you will enter 2018 with clarity, motivation, purpose and drive to achieve your dreams and goals.

But first we have to look at what happened during the last year. What drove your actions, what were the thoughts and emotions behind your actions? To be clear and honest about this will help you grow and learn from what wasn’t helping you become the best version of you.

Many times I hear people saying that this was the worst year in along time, that they just want to enter 2018. That this and that happen. But there is something learned during the last years, it’s that, that way of thinking is toxic. I can totally understand it, however, it’s just breaks you down rather than brings you up and further into growth. To react instead of responding to whatever is going on around us, is a very energy wasting process and gives us a bad vibration that wont bring us any further.

So take a step back, grab a journal and write whatever comes to you thinking of the previous year. Dare to ell the truth, dare celebrate, write down all your achievements, challenging times and returning thoughts and topics and why they hold a that important place in your mind.

Ask yourself these questions & create clarity

  • What’s the best that happen to you 2017?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What are you most grateful for?
  • What word woul you use to describe 2017?
  • Lessons learned?
  • What would you have done differently and why?
  • What brought you the most joy?
  • What sat your soul on fire?
  • How o you feel about your relationships and the way they developed throughout the year?

Create your inspiring goals for 2018

Create a inspiring goal for what you want rather than you should. Make them specific and motivating. Instead of lose weight, write become healthier, being able to run 10K or eat in a way that supports my health and make me more energized and happier on a daily basis.

Your goals have to set your soul on fire, they have excite you. Also think about why you want to achieve them and within what time frame you wish to have reached them.

Write your goals as they are happening. For example: I am living from a place of love, I am living my dream with… I wake up every morning… My business sales are the double amount from the last year…

Divide your goals into different areas

  • Health goals
  • Relationship goals
  • Career goals

Ask yourself this

  • What does your ideal morning routine look like?
  • What does your ideal day look like?
  • How can you give more to the world and yourself next year?
  • Describe 2018 with 1-3 words!

I want send you thanks for tuning in and reading this post. I hope you like and please feel free to share it with friends if you enjoyed it. With this in mind, I hope you will be able to do the work and set yourself up for the most amazing year ever!

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I will be with you to support you.



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