What your relationship with food says about you

Are you the person who brings your own food to the party? Or do you go to the party and just see it as an opportunity to induldge? Or do you skip the party because you know there will be “bad food” there. Which will destroy your plan and goal.
Is your food rules stopping your social life? Do you say no to gatherings most of the times because of fear from eating something unhealhty?
When has it gone too far? When you most of the times miss out on socal events as a result of the fear from eating something less nutrient dense.
How do you feel when your eat? Do you enjoy it? Do you rush it? Do you eat without thinking about what is on your plate?
Food is supposed to be enjoyed and the meal is supposed to be a time for break and relaxation. If you are stressed out when you are eating, you will bring that stress with you through the digestive process. You wont feel as satisfied and the food is very likely to not even being valued. On the conrary, if you make space for your meal. You sit down at a clean table, tune into yourself and your meal, your digestion will support you. You will also feel more satisfied after your meal.
Is it any difference between you eating alne or with others? The experience itself, more enjoyable or the opposite? How is your state of mind and the pace, fast or slow? Do sit or stand? I have heard from may clients and from my own experience that “if I eat alone, it doesnt really matter, because the meal is just fr me..” So what? Takeing care and nourish ourselves should always be a priority. If you see a big difference in your eating behaviour when no-one is watching and together with other, this might be something to pay attention to.
How do you feel when visiting a supermarket? Confused and overwhelmed? Or happy and excited? Or do yo feel okay, not so emotional – you are just there to get the necesary.? For a person who has a less advantegeous relationship with food, visiting the supermarket, can be very draining. Because you want to look at different products and compare, every decision is very difficult and no product is good enough. You might leave the store crying in frustration.
I can relate to the last part myself, sad but true. I was so obsessed with the ingredients and everything. Nothing was good enough. I remember in particular once, I was on vaction on my own, in a new city and I was hungry but it was too early for lunch, so I was searching for a snack. But nothing, really nothing was good enough. I became more and more frustrated, I couldnt seem to find anything that I could eat. So wht happend? I didnt eat. No problems if tht happens once, but that wasnt the only time. I had so many limiting beliefs at that point, that nothing seemed to rescue me. Everything was about food and the next meal and how I could make it as nutrient dense as possible. First food then life… It might sound exaggerated but it wasnt.
What do I want to say wih all of this? I want you to ask yourself, really honestly – What does your relationship with food say about you?