Nutritionist Counselor & Behaviour Change Coach

Nutritionist Counselor & Behaviour Change Coach

About me

About me

I’m a Swedish nutritionist counselor, high energy and big dreamer kind of girl. Obsessed with self-care, granola, Tahini, yoga and can’t get enough of vibrante Barcelona.

But the way to where I am today hasn’t been a ferry tail. It has taken me many years to actually stop planning my days strictly, count calories and think about all possible ways to reach that particular number on the scale.

I used to be starving myself, I use to binge eat and I used to obsess about the numbers and certain foods that I wouldn’t want to eat. I used to compare myself with other women and look down on myself. Food was my comfort, food was my enemy, and food was my go to. I gave food a lot of power, it was more or less everything.

As time passed I realized that it wasn’t so much about my body or my weight, it was simply about me wanting happiness in my life and I thought a certain body would give me that So I decided to let go of these rediculous ideals of what a body should look like and started to take better care of myself.

As a part of this, to follow my dream and become healthier and happier, I become a Nutritionist Counselor with a focus on Behavioral Change, through Sverigehälsan, in Stockholm and Exercise & Health Psychology through Halmstad Högskola, in Halmstad, Sweden. To finally start helping people like yourself to improve your health and life quality. Since the start in 2014, I have helped many people stop worrying about food, become healthier, reach a balanced weight and more body love.

If you…

  • Want to start STOP thinking about food all the time.
  • Want to make peace with food.
  • Want STOP eating crap, just because you were too lazy to plan.
  • Want to feel free, happy and confident in your own body.
  • Want to use your energy for things that you love.
  • Want to finally reach a balanced weight.
  • Need accountability to keep up with your new habits.

Do you fantasize about living healthfully all year long?

You’re in the right place.


  • 1 Introductory session and between 3 to 12 one-to-one consultations, through Skype/ in Barcelona.
  • Twice a month in after consultation in depth summary and feedback message.
  • Access practical, hands-on material. Recipes, meal guidelines, mindful eating tips, stress management tools and eating behavior discovery tools, due to what your situation and goals looks like.
  • Learn how to let go of limiting body image believes
  • STOP counting calories
  • STOP worrying abot that you ate too much
  • Let go of obsessive thinking
  • Learn of to eat when hungry – let food become your friend not worst enemy!
  • STOP dieting for once and for all, see examples of this here – TESTIMONIALS!
  • Have the freedom to eat what you love
  • Find your balanced weight and stop worrying about gaining weight
  • Have more time and energy

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