I started working with Teresia because I was tired of always dienting. I got interested in her approach which focused on the eating behaviour and wellbeing instead of calorie counting.

The coaching was better than expected.  I’m surprised how I have been able to shirt my mindset so fast. Another thing I found quite unique was that I never felt any pressuare from Teresia, she didn’t judge, she was there to listen, respect and to give advise.

Her way of working suited me well, because I wanted to stop dieting and I find her approach holistic and it’s really something that works over time. Also that there were no restrictions, instead recipes, inspiration and concrete ideas for healthier choices.

I would recommend Teresia to all dieters.

– Hannah, 9 months coaching

I got great advice from Teresia. She could really help me identify my issues and provide potential solutions. She was also able and happy to adapt the solutions based on my feedback and abilities. I contacted her because I felt unhealthy, bloated, out of routine.Teresia met all my expectations and more. I recommend Teresia for anyone looking to try to implement some healthy eating habits into their daily routine in a manageable and positive way.

– Jenny, 3 months coaching

Before                                                       After






Teresia is a very good listener and I did always look forward to our meetings. When I slowly started to lose weight, I felt like it actually is possible without having to go on a diet. I wanted to learn how to eat healthy and that’s what she helped me with. I learned what is a normal portion size and what food I should put on my plate to make it nutrient dense. Now I’m working on my own to eliminate my eating in between meals. But the difference from before is that I’m conscious and know what I should do. To do this adventure together with Teresia as a coach has changed and saved my life, I have no regrets at all!

– Nina, 6 months health coaching






Working with Teresia has been one of the best things that have happened to me in years, and I can truly say she might have saved me! Her approach is very personalised and comprehensive and she can achieve results with anyone who is willing to change their lifestyle and behaviour towards food but who simply don’t know how to do it.When I first met her, I was in a bad place where my emotions completely led and dictated the way I ate and even though I was hopeful when I started working with Teresia, there was a part of me that thought that I could never change this, or lose weight. Just in 4 months, not only did I lose 7 kilos (which hadn’t happened to me in years!) but I also learned how to eat well, not just because it was part of a new diet, but because I managed to integrate all the tips and advice she gave me and it didn’t feel so hard, she made it very easy for me to do so actually. I remember that when I started the program, my biggest fears were that I was going to be hungry all the time, and that I would feel frustrated all the time. She said to me straight away: you will feel none of those things, and she was right. I think the reason why her approach is so successful is because she is a very available and is good listener. She has an answer for pretty much any concern you may have. She doesn’t judge, she observes and analyses the best way to make small improvements, who gradually become great achievements over time. I couldn’t recommend her enough, she works really hard to make her clients feel happy in the process of loosing weight and feeling better in their own skin (we all know how hard it can be). So if you’re unsure whether you should invest in working with her, don’t think too much and go for it, it will be the best decision you will ever make!

– Thuy, 4 months health coaching

The health coaching have lead to that I have gained a better understanding of myself. Why I’m doing what I do, what the triggers for my bad habits are, but it has also helped me accept. Teresia gave me tools that I could use in my everyday life to work with myself. And in some way, it made me more calm about myself and yes, I’ve stopped worrying as much. I contacted Teresia because I felt like I needed to change my bad habits. I knew that in some way I had an unhealthy attitude towards food and I thought that by changing my habits, getting better routines and maybe also understand my relationship to food, I would feel better in general. But I also desired balance and to use my energy for food in a more positive way. Afterwards I’m very positive and I feel that what I got out of the coaching really was worth it!

– Emma, 3 months health coaching​

I went from being a beer drinking, smoking person, to a healthier one (still drinking beer but less). I quit smoking, started working out more, meditating and eating more. I feel like I have super powers now!  I reach for less sweets than before, probably because I don’t starve myself anymore. My stomach used to be bloated and I was often constipated, even this problem is solved. Teresia changed my life.

– Deborah, 6 months health coaching

For me, it turned out that I had deeper problems than I first had thought. So my initial expectations were really only the problem that scratched the surface, but with time I have realized more and more about my behavior, which means I will have to work more on myself than I had expected. The health coaching has taught me a lot. I thought I new exactly what to eat and how to exercise. And that I had full control of my behavior, thoughts and patterns. But with time, I realized that I basically do it all wrong and that I actually was running away from myself, even though I didn’t realize it. With that realization, and other tools, I have managed to stay present, and to feel what I really feel, and remain in what feels heavy rather than run away to overeating / binge eating, as I did before. I can absolutely recommend Teresias health coaching. If you have any kind of problem with your relationship with food, finding a new diet won’t help you. You have to work on yourself, and understand why you behave in a certain way so that it can slow the vicious circle you are facing.

– Linda, 4 months health coaching







In my opinion everyone would benefit from this program, no matter if you want to lose weight or just learn more about how to eat and feel better. Teresia was always available and answered every question i had really fast, she gave me a lot of good advice in addition to what i recieved when i signed up for the kick-off. I really recommend Teresia and her programmes. I signed up for Teresias healthy kick-off during a stressful period of my life, I just started studying and i also had to move very suddenly. I could not be happier with the changes in my life. In addition to learning a lot about my self and my eating habits, i also learned how to make healthier choices without making sacrifices or eating food i don´t enjoy (it really comes in handy when i am super hungry at the grocery store) I´ve also learned how to eat (yes, there are ways to eat that will make you feel better). To top it off i lost 5 kgs. My eating habits were quite healthy before, but they are even healthier now, and i really enjoy my stress free and smartphone free breakfast every morning. It makes my day happier and i somehow seem to enjoy the smaller things in life even more (like sunbeams hitting my face when i´m walking outside).

– Henriette, 4 weeks health kick-off

I was looking to get back to a healthy eating routine and looking to lose weight – I came across Teresia’s offer on a social network and got in touch.It was a really worth it, and I would recommend, especially if undertaking a new way of eating like I did (going back to a vegan diet), or incorporating training and wanting to do a make sure that whatever you are eating isn’t sabotaging the efforts, or for sustainable weight loss.For me it was interesting, for most part to get a confirmation on that I was in general on a right path, but it also gave me more confidence in making choices, and cleared some doubts I may have had over them. I think anyone looking to have support in reaching their goals – or in defining their goals – and needing a knowledgeable, kind and understanding person to guide them along. – Essi, 3 months health coaching

Jag har sedan första kostrådgivningen för ett och ett halvt år sedan gått ner sju kilo och lyckats behålla vikten året runt. Nyckeln är den ökade medvetenheten som givit mig stärkt självinsikt kombinerat med bra handfasta råd och verktyg som möjliggjorde för mig att förändra många av mina beteenden och min inställning till mat. Jag rekommenderar varmt Teresias för hennes djupgående och analytiska coachning sessioner kombinerat med hennes enkla och effektiva lösningar som alla kan ta till sig utav.
– Peter / 6 months health coaching

Teresia har varit till en stor hjälp när det kommer till mitt ät-beetende. Då jag i stort sett i hela mitt liv har tröstat mig med mat och framför allt sötsaker då jag känt mig ledsen, nedstämd eller stressad. Hennes sätt att jobba på med kognitiv beteendevetenskap har hjälpt mig att identifiera de situationer som skapat mitt känslomässiga matbeetendet och till och med fått mig att avstå från att äta sötsaker när jag känt mig ledsen,nedstämd eller stressad. Sötsaker och mat för mig har verkligen varit en tröst. Tack vare Teresias hjälp har jag kommit till många insikter över hur mitt känslomässiga liv påverkar mitt sätt att äta och hon har gett mig bra verktyg för att kunna hantera de situationer. I mitt fall har inte viktnedgång varit den största motivationen även om det har kommit som en bonus. Utan för mig har det varit viktigt att få en balans med kosten då jag ofta haft eller allt eller inget tänk. Precis det här har mina 10 träffar med Teresia bidragit till. Jag kan varmt rekommendera henne.
– Anja Piirainen / 4 months health coaching 


Mitt intryck av rådgivning är den på sätt och vis “tvingar” dig att tänka “utanför boxen” när det kommer till ditt eget beteende. Teresia levererar inte bara enkla svar på dina frågor, utan hjälper dig att besvara dem själv genom att ställa dig frågor och be dig fundera på ett sätt som i alla fall jag inte tidigare gjort. Detta gör själva kostrådgivningen värdefull på sikt. Kort och gott är jag MYCKET nöjd med kostrådgivningen och ångrar definitivt inte att jag hörde av mig till Teresia. Hon har gett mig ett nytt perspektiv på mitt ätande och min syn på mat och MIG SJÄLV, vilket jag är oändlig tacksam för. Jag har gått till en rad dietister tidigare av diverse olika anledningar och i olika sammanhang, men kostrådgivningen som jag fick via Teresia skilde sig från samtliga mina tidigare upplevelser. Jag uppskattade att fokus låg på tanke och orsaker till vad som hamnar på tallriken, mer än enbart på maten i sig. Så mina förväntningar kan sägas ha överträffats i och med att jag fick betydligt mer ut av rådgivningen än vid en vanlig dietistkonsultation. Den har gett mig ett mer långsiktigt perspektiv på ätande och jag tänker tidvis även idag på de frågor som Teresia ställde mig kring hur, varför och vilka tankar och händelser som leder till ett visst agerande – jag har blivit bättre på att analysera mitt beteende och på så vis förstå, och vid behov ändra detta.

Anna, 2 months health coaching

Kostrådgivningen var bra! Kostrådgivningen gjorde att jag tog mig tiden att reflektera över mina matvanor och mina ätbeteenden, vilket behövdes. Det jag uppskattat mest är jag lärt mig att känna efter mer: Är jag hungrig eller bara sugen på grund av någon annan underliggande känsla? Behöver jag äta något, eller är det egentligen vila/sällskap/frisk luft/nånting annat som jag skulle behöva? Jag hade nog tänkt att kostrådgivningen skulle vara mer strikt “ät det här, ät inte det här” – men det handlade i verkligheten om mycket mer: om vad jag äter, hur jag äter, när jag äter och varför jag äter. Jag tyckte att vi under kostrådgivningen hann med att prata om mycket mer än jag förväntade mig. Jag hade tänkt att kostrådgivningen bara skulle handla om det vi äter till vardags, men det var till stor nytta att prata om olika synsätt på hur man kan äta lagom när man är bortbjuden, äter ute på restaurang eller när man har oregelbundna tider som t.ex. under semestern. Att alla mina känslor spelade så stor roll för mitt ätande hade jag nog inte kunnat tänka mig. Visst visste jag att jag tröstade mig med mat ibland när jag blev stressad, men jag hade ingen aningen på att jag även påverkades av mina glada tankar: att tankarna på att äta något lyxigare (och onyttigare) ofta kunde komma när jag var glad. Teresia är duktig i sin roll som kostrådgivare! Jag gillade att konsultationerna var via Skype – det kändes smidigt! Teresia kändes väldigt närvarande och lagom personlig även om kommunikationen skedde med skärmar emellan oss.

– Mikaela / 4 months health coaching

Jag hade ett positivt intryck av kostrådgivningen. Kände mig väl bemött i min matproblematik. Det stämde väl överens med det jag sökte för. Fick exakt den hjälp jag behövde. Jag skulle absolit tipsa om Teresia (jag gör det så ofta jag kan).

– Anneli, 4 months health coaching

Efter min konsultation. Det var mycket avslappnat och mycket tillmötesgående! Gav bra tips på lätta och goda alternativ och man förstod även att det fanns mer att tillgå om man fortsatte ha kontakt med dig.

– Caroline, 1 session