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No matter where you are, or what your history is.

A healthy body and mind, is the foundation of a healthy life.

You are your own expert, but you have just lost touch with being intuitive with your health and body demands. That is what happend when we get busy creating a life that we love. I am here to help you find that touch with yourslef, I am here to teach you and show you what you can do to feel confident in your body again.

My success stories are more than weight loss – you will feel relaxed, energized and hopeful in your healthy body. I will help you heal your relationship with food, how to make healthy eating easy and how to listen to your gut!



How it works

1-1 Coaching

In private coaching session with me, you will create clarity around your unique situation, you will get to know what you need in order to start your journey on your own – and you will walk away with all the tools you need to make it a sustainable change.

Once you schedule a 60-minute session, you and I will meet in-person, or via Skype to get to know each other and gain an understanding of your lifestyle. After our initial meeting, you’ll be sent a personalized plan including recipes, exercises, healthy eating guides, mindful eating material and a kitchen make-over guide.

Once we work together, you will have unlimited e-mail access, you will have the opportunity to discuss any element of your health you’re looking to shift – and then we’ll shift it!


8-Week Coaching: 4 Sessions

12-Week Coaching: 6 Sessions

4-Month Coaching: 8 Sessions

6-Month Coaching: 12 Sessions

In all the programs we dive deeper into your unique situation. You aren’t only getting material to work with on your own to optimize your health, you will also have accountability, you will have someone who listens to you at all the time and has your greatest interest. You will have unlimited email access, coaching every other week, session summery, material to work on between sessions, recipes, food dairy tools, self-care tools and much more.

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