Is grocery shopping a weekly struggle?

  • Are you confused about what to buy and not?
  • Do you want to learn how make healthier choices? 

If so, continue reading!

Learn how to….

  • Understand food labels
  • Understand the criteria for a food to be considered a healthy choice
  • Shopping for special dietary preferences.
  • How to go about information concerning organic, soy, high fiber, foods with active cultures, grains, spreads/fat/oils, sweeteners and different forms of foods.

You will get apprehensive material to make sure both of us are prepared when we meet and can focus on shopping and learning about how to go about all the choices given in a grocery store.

We will meet at your local store, depending on if you want to buy everything organic, or just the most important things (in that case we will complement 1-2 more stores).

I will give you all necessary information for you to become a healthier shopper. We will follow a specific list that also will give you ingredients for next week’s menu! Win win, no?

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