Have you ever finished a piece of cake or a chocolate bar without even knowing what it tasted like?

So many of us have an experience of this – checking out from the present moment in order to not have to feel the gulit that shows up when eating “unhealthy foods”. It’s a reasonable response, because we don’t want feel the things that are uncomfortable, the things that makes us judge ourselves. So instead we check out and shut down both emotions and awareness of the present moment.

So what can we do instead, in order to handle sweets and life in a more beneficial way?



    When we make conscious choices, we don’t need to worry afterwards, because we have taken charge of the situation and decided what we want to do – we are aware.


    Sit down, because then you are more likely to focus on now and when you focus on now you dare to meet yourself. On contrary, when you stand up, it’s easier to just rush through your treat, in order to just move on to the next thing and forget about how you are doing and what you are feeling.


    Making your meal, even if it’s just a piece of cake or  chocolate bites special, adds purpose and value to the moment. It also tends to slow you down, as you feel more tuned into the sitaution.


    One of the things that causes the most problems with our relationship to food is that we don’t want to meet ourselves in that situation when we eat our treat. Because we put a label on the cake and not only the cake, most iportantly ourselves for eating the cake/ chocolate. If you can make a distinction between what you eat and who you are, you have come a long way.


    Once a again, stay present and love yourself fully while enjoying your treat and move on! When you give treats less power, their space and power decreases. Because it isn’t a big deal anymore. You can have it when you want and as much as you want, on your own permisses without having to feel guilty.

Have you have any tips ourself, feel free to share in the comments below! Or if you found this helpful, please share it so more people can take advantage of it! If you which to get more help within this are check out my coaching programs!

Skinny for Summer? No thanks!

How can I lose these extra kilos for summer?

Which diet is the most affective one?

Skinny body=happy, a part of the fun – dream life?

Is that how your thoughts are going right now? Then you are just like the majority of the population. Summer is this beautiful time when we spend more times utside, more times on adventure and less time worrying about what is to come. We are more present – we are living in the moment. More socializing, more beach time and more vacation time.

In addition, social media; Instagram, Facebook and commercials, helps telling us what we should look like in order to have that sparkling vibrant summer of our dreams and biggest desires and it starts early, just as winter has left us. Moreover, gyms starts filling up, people contact nutritionist and health coaches just like myself for meal plans and the hunt for the perfect body has started. 

In the end, chasing a body shaped by conventional standards of attraction and achieving an ideal body can become a very dangerous road – and lead to hormonal, emotional, behavioral and physical issues.

What is an attractive body, due to social norms is less important. What matters is of course individual. But isn’t being healthy, happy and satisfied something we allpt on the top of our priorities? So it’s frankly time to erase that equal sign between skinny and an amazing summer. Let me explain why I think so.

1. It won’t make you healthier

Because achiving a certain body time, for example; super skinny and lean, doesn’t make you any happier and somethimes not even healthier.

2. It doesn’t ensure an outstanding summer

Even if I would be five kilos lighter, it doesn’t ensure me to have the most fun, successful and exciting summer. My happiness doesn’t lye within the kilos, my happiness lies within me, I am the only one who can access it.

3. It’s toxic for your relationship with food

What happens when we get into the dieting mentality is that we become obsessed. We become a victim under the diets and can’t stop thinking about food. Because we think that our weight-loss goal only lies within our own ability control our food intake. What typically happens is that we become so worried about our weight that we start avoiding certain social situations that can cause weight gain. We restrict ourselves more, start counting calories, we end up eating when none is watching and we beat ourselves up when not following our weightloss plan.

4. I don’t want to mess up my metabolism

I am really talking out of my own experience, I know which serious causes dieting can have in the long run. Metabolism is fueled by the food we eat, because our body needs specific nutrients in order for this to occur. Hence, when we restrect ourselves the metabolism is downregulates. This is actually a primar survival mechanism, that in past kept us alive while facing times with accessability to food. In the beginning, you will lose weight, but if you keep going on a too small calori intake for too long, your body will come to a platue and save the extra energy it gets for survival.

5. Life is short – life can be spent in a much better way

Rather than focusing on losing three kilos for the beach season, all the time spent working out and focusing on food in order to change your body can be used for so many other incredible things, like career, having fun with friends and family, your parther,your hobbies and a life with joy and happiness and not a life striving an ideal created by society that doesn’t make any sense.02

When you find yourself looking at these images agian, indirectly telling yourself that you should lose a few kilos and tune up for summer. Say STOP! Take a step back and ask yourself; Who am I actually doing this for?


Healthy Eating for Busy People

When feeling overwhelmed, out of control and like you basically are running from one thing to another, eating healthy tend to just feel like an impossible mission. If you are a busy mom, a young professional in the beginning of your career or just very, very stressed out. My intention with this blog post is to create some clarify for you.

When you are fighting every single hour on your day, something just got to go. It’s essential to prioritize, in order to make it work. Thus, most of the times we sacrifice is our health. We give up on grocery shopping, we go for fast, easy alternatives, usually highly processed and we skip physical activities, in order to free some extra time. We put ourselves on hold and let go of relaxation and mindfulness. Completing our emails and finishing our to-do lists are our first prioritizes.

In the long run this beomes counterproductive, because in the long run, our ability to perform the tasks we priotirized, start lacking. Consequently, we become less effective doing the things we priotirized and it’s backfiring us. When we can’t do what we found the most important, we become even busier, but our ability to complete the tasks are not as good as we want it to be, because we have been sacrificing ourselves and our health.

In conclusion, eating healthy should always be your top priority.



When visiting your grocerystore, make sure you are prepared. Now what you want and buy a lot, stock up so you have the best prerequisites for cooking healthy. Frozeen veggies and berries are big go to’s for busy people. As well as legumes and other protein sources that you can put in your freezer or pentry. Try to go the the grocery store once a week to get some fresh fruits and veggies as well.


As soon as you get a chance to cook, cook at least 4 portions. So you can stuck up your freezer, hence more prepared when entering your home after a super busy day at work. While making some salmon in your oven, cook some brown rice and steam some veggies. Prepare some guacamole, hummus and similar mixtures or dips. Use the veggies and rice as your base and then add in different protien sources throughout the week, to mix it up a little. Your mixtues will make great easy no prep food.


Fresh vegetables and fruits as well as hummus and guacamole are great. Just slice them and dig in! No cooking needed. As well as sallads with your already prepped protein source. Addtional protein sources are cans of tuna and sardines as well as pre-sliced meets and chickpeas.


Dried coconut flakes, kefir, yogurt, Skyr or similar with some fresh berries ready on the go. Or pre cooked sweet potaoes with some Tahini, avocado or similar. Or pack a smoothie or chia-pudding in a jar and you saved and won’t have to experience sudden blood-sugar falls.  As well as unsalted nuts, fruits and olives.


I have seen it so many times, how perfection kills clients ability to eat healthy. The all or nothing mindset in general, puts a lot of pressure on us. The perfect eating or diet won’t take you anywhere but further away from where you want to be. The stress that eating “perfect” and keeping up puts on you is more distoying than anything else. So take a step back and just do your best.

Health, and the journey to a healthier and happier life is about balance. To be open and to allow yourself to recognize what works best for you. Some days will be better than others, and that’s how it works – that’s life with its ups and downs. Aim for eating nourishing food most of the times and enjoy the journey!

How to STOP dieting for Good

Do you start a new diet more or less every single Monday? Do you feel body shame, frustration? Are you conistantly searching for new solutions to lose these extra pounds?

So many people, especially women can relate to a this. When you go in with al your energy and will-power to try eating healthy, by following this new diet or that recommendation you got from a friend, we tend to fail.

When you go outside of the rules you have sat up or yourself, it often results in feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, and guilt.


Because we let our self-worth be depending on our behaviour – what do and what we don’t do. Thus, let not following a diet mean we are not good enough, we can’t do what we decide to do, which means we aren’t a good person. Which means we won’t be able to find a partner, we won’t succed in life and so on. You see, it’s a very poisining way of thinking and it real causes a negative sprial of thought emotions and to the extent that we typically punishing behaviors. Moreover, in that way that way we are able to match our believes with our actions. Meaning that as long as you let you let the outcome of your actions define you, you are just taking yourself further and further away from your weight loss goal.

This never-ending cycle is incredibly draining physically, mentally, as well as emotionally and can frankly affect aall aspects of your life.


To stop this negative spiral you have to take a step back and realize that food and exercise doesn’t say anything about you. It doesn’t tell us anything about you, you as a person or your own self-worth. Additionally, avoid putting labels on food such as “good” and “bad”.
Giving food morality means giving the power to the food. That is to give food a lot of power to control and define your life. Hence, your interactions with food are accompanied by fear, worry and judgement. This makes very hard to reach your goal and find a healthy realtionship with food and a balance. More about how to stop dieting!

Food is food – natures own goodies – there to nourish you and make you thrive!


Instead of starting a new attempt to lose weight on Monday, disattach yourself from these belives and look beyond weight. Weight can absolutely be a great motivater, but don’t let it be the only benefit. What are some other benefits that are linked to improvements in your lifestyle?

If you find it hard to know at such early stage, look at your current situation and see what is missing and what you which to improve. Don’t think about how you want to feel, and what need to do in order to achieve that. More about goal-setting here!

Be kind to yourself and let it take time, take it step by step, if something goes wrong, try again! Look at the babies for example, they fall all the time when they trying to learn how walk, but guess what. What are they doing about? Trying again! You, go do the the same! Additionally, don’t be afraid to consult a professional, for support, expertise and guidance.


Become an intuitive eater – lose weight & keep it off

Some people ase just naturally slim, right? But why is that and what are they doing differently?

I meet some many different individuas through my coaching, especially dieters. What characterises dieters? They have a “all or nothing” mindset. They devide food into “good” and “bad”. They have a strong emotional connection to food and let their emotions decide what and how much to it. They tend to be fast eaters and rush mindlessly through their meals. They blame and beat themselves up when not following their “food rules”.

Intuative – natural eaters don’t put labels on the food they it. They simply eat when they are hungry and enjoy it. They see food and dear meals as a chance to refill and nourish themselves. 

This is obviously two stereotyps, however pattern like this can be seen in dieters in comparision with intuative eatera, who also tend to keep a more stable and healthy weight.

This Characteristics Intuitive eaters:

  • Eat slow and enjoy their food.
  • They eat everything, but not always.
  • They separate their emotional lives from food.
  • Listen to their bodies and eat when they are hungry.
  • Don’t compare themselves with others.
  • They don’t feel guily after eating.
  • No depravation.
  • They eat small amount of everything

Do you want to improve your eating habits, lose weigt and become an intuative eater? No problems! Sign up to any of my coaching programs and I’ll get there!

A typical day on my plate

A very common question I get so often is “What do you eat?”

Not so unexpected when you are a nutritionist counselor and health coach, I guess.. So I thought, I will give you a hint and insight. But I have to tell you, I am person who easily get bored, so I have switch it up all the time. I am for sure, not the person who can eat the same breakfast for years… I always try to buy in bulk and cook many meals at the same time, usually on sunday. If I have to cook during the weeks, for lunch, for example, the it has to be easy and that doesn’t mean fast food. I keep it simple with a few nutrient dense ingredients.

With all my food and meals, it is highly depending on season – I listen to my body. During summer I am more into cold and raw meals. Meanwhile, now during fall and winter, I am reaching for more cooked and warming food – a little more spicy and heavier.



Right now I am into chia-pudding, but during summer I am in to my smoothie bowl with my homemade granola. To not get bored I try to mix it up. Such chia-pudding with pumpkin, banana or persimmon flavor, served with berries or fruits. Always a coffee! This gives me a fiber and protein rich start.


Lunch is typically a salad with lots of colorful veggies, good, high quality fat sources, such as seeds, olives and avocado and some fermented food to feed good gut bacteria (such as fermented carrots and cabbage).


I am not a big snack person as I don’t have a that active work. But an apple and perhaps some nuts is a snack I usually repeat, as well as homemade seed crackers or bars. But afternoon is always either some herbal tea (preferably Yogi tea) or coffee.


Dinner is usually something simple, prepared the day before or I cook it the same day and make some extra. Usually a stew or soup this time of the year. Containing complex carbs, starchy veggies, protein, either plant based or as here with meat.

Later on during the night I usually zip on another Yogi tea before bed time. I craving something I either have some kefir with berries and granola.

I hope you enjoyed this insight. Feel free to connect and let me know what you want me to cover next time!

How was your meal?


1. How was your last meal?
2. How long time did it take you to finish it?
3. What did it taste like?
4. How did you feel just before you were about to finish it?
5. Was your meal a reflection of how you feel about your body?

Mindful eating – what is that?

So many people rush through their meals, not even noticing what just happened and it’s all a sudden gone. What a disappointment. You are left out there without even feeling full, nor satisfied. Having more food is not an option, because that will affect your body negatively. What a dead end. Is this you?

Are you feeling frustrated and fearful in your body and relationship with food?
Dear you, you are not alone. This used to be me as well and I know so many people that are walking around with these thoughts.. If it’s time for you to release the stress and get out of your own jail.

By slowing down, creating awareness and peace around your meal, you can start creating a healthier relationship to food and your body. Lose weight, become, healthier and happier. But how? Start with this simple thing: 5 deep breaths. Focus on your meal, it’s an experience, that you re suppose to enjoy fully, it is a blessing, be grateful.

Wan’t to know more about how you can create a peaceful meal?

Get in touch!

Are you on the search for the perfect diet (underlying perfect body)?

You are not alone, 90 % of all women are int the same situation as you. Consistently keeping track of what are eating, or not eating. Feeling guilty when eating too much, or making less healthy choices. Simply because that choice means that you have stepped away from what you want to achieve.

These unsuccessful attemps of reaching that number on the scale still hasn’t taken you any closer to your goal. It’s time to change strategy, to do something else!

Healthy now

Here is the point: The problem is not THE FOOD. The problem is that you are a result of a society that what us to believe that you need THAT BODY, which you see in the magazines, on Instagram, Facebook and in the ads. That’s the reality we are facing and my dear friend, it is nothing wrong with you, it is the idea that the society have given you about what you need to look like in order to be healthy.

So many women are running around with this ongoing pressure, toxic thoughts about themselves, without being able to make that shift. Without being able to get that body.

But, what is that body really about?

Sometimes we try to look a certain way just to get approval from others. Sometimes, we really have bad eating habits, that’s not making us any good and a change – weight loss, would really heal us.

However, so many times I see girls just wanting to lose weight just because they want to escape from themselves and their problems. A change that’s approved by the society will bring us joy on the inside as well. No sorry, that’s not the case. I have been their myself, a few years ago, I didn’t want to deal with all my thoughts and feelings. On an unconcious level I went in to over exercising, working too much and constantly thinking about what to eat in order to slim down.

In fact, all these actions are meaningless if you don’t TAKE ACTION and figure out WHY you are in this situation and why you change and keep coming back to that siuation, over and over again. I know, this is not easy, but I’ll help here.

organic foods

Lose weight and sustain it:

  1. Give up diets

    Focus on eating wholesome nourishing food. Focus on quality instead of grams of carbs, fat and protein. Eat for energy and to nourish yourself, rather than for the numbers on the scale.

  2. Slow down – make time for rest

    Just as you use too schedule and really prioritize your exercise, do the same and set aside time for meditation: great app for this!, yoga, which you even can do from home with YouTube videos or online yoga classes. Relaxation exercises or simply just laying in your sofa doing nothing.

  3. Throw away your scale

    As simple as it sounds. Just do it. With a scale at home I know yopu tend to weigh yourself all the time. In fact, the number is just a number and doesn’t tell you anything about how you are feeling after a meal, where the food comes from, how full you are and if you are healthy and happy or not.

  4. Mindful eating – slow, chew your food

    The digestion starts as soon as the first piece of food goes in to your mouth. In fact, if you are stressed, thinking about work, the next thing you have to do, who to call or anything else than the food you have in front of you. You are very likely to rush through your meal within 5 minutes, not even noticing that it’s all gone. You don’t even no what it tasted like and you are still hungry, reaching for something else with listening to your body. Instead, create a special place for you meals, set the table, put on some nice music in the background. Place food on your plate so that it looks appealing. Take 5 deep breaths before you start eating and stay with your food throughout your meal. Ask yourself what it tastes like and chew, chew as many times as possible before you swallow.

  5. STOP listening to what everyone else says

    Instead of listening to what everyone else tells you that you should eat, go to yourself and dare to experience what works for your body and mind. Challenging? Yes, absolutely! However, this the key. Being able to go your own way and trust in your own decisions when it comes to food is vital. Because we are different, we all have different lifestyles, different climates, ages and circumstances. What worked yesterday, might work today and tomorrow. It’s going journey and you have to be patient.

For more tips

I hope this helps, take care!


the healthiest food

Are you feeling frustrated and unhappy with your body?

You are not alone, frankly 90 percent of women walk around feeling uncomfortable and wants to change their body. That’s almost every single woman, crazy!

For many years I used to believe that the food I ate was the primary cause of my weight fluctuation. And yes of course it is. But there are much more to it than just food, as a reason to the number on the scale.  In seven out of ten cases, the food we constantly decide to place on our plates is just a result of what’s going on inside of us. The food is an outcome – of a reaction of unsorted thoughts and emotions.

For example, if you have a fight with your best friend and feel sad or angry afterwards, this might affect your choice of food later that day. There is no logical reason for letting your emotions affect your choice of food.  But the problem is that the most of us don’t even know how to feel the emotions that are related to a certain action.

Yes, we know we feel sad, and we know why. In fact, many of us avoid the feeling as soon as it appears and some of us let it stay for a short amount of time. Thus, we put a short-term patch on the bleeding sore and avoid handling the emotions that occurred when having the fight with our friend, earlier that day, by having a chocolate bar. We eat the chocolate bar and feel amazing right there and then, but unfortunately that feeling doesn’t last for a very long time.

Just as when you have been longing for a vacation or something to happen. Then, when that day finally comes, you are there, it’s that actual day and it’s not as spectacular as you had imagine. What was the most rewarding, was the journey towards THAT to happen. So when the moment of having the chocolate cake in your mouth, it’s nice, if you even recognize it, but some people doesn’t even taste it until it’s already all gone, it was just all a matter of an essential procedure, that you had to finish.

But why?

What we us often a result of habits, what we have done before and what we already know work for us.

When we are kids we celebrate our birthdays with cakes, when we are getting an A, we get sweets, when we are graduating food is the treat of our accomplishments. When someone is getting a new job, a new achievement food is the number one way of how to celebrate it. As you can see food play a huge role in our life’s, already since our childhood.

Consequently, using food as a reward for our fulfillment is completely understandable and the first thing in coming to an end with this way of handling food, is accepting the fact of your currant way of handling food.


This is what you can do to change:

1. The first step, acceptance – you have a problem and that’s okay. You have come to realize that you need to find a way to solve it. A better way of dealing with your emotions.

2. Discover your own behavior – write a diary about your food pattern and involved thoughts and emotions. When do you tend to turn to this kind of behavior? Which are the triggers? Which are the emotions and circumstances that drives these actions? Be as specific as possible.

3. Specify what you want to change – when you have discovered what drives your actions, write down what you want to change. What behaviors doesn’t serve you?

4. Why do you want to change? Your why is your GOAL and the engine of the entire process of change. Be specific, divide your goal into smaller ones and celebrate every step towards the big one.

5. One Step at a Time – Start small by practicing to tune in to your feelings, avoidance doesn’t serve you int the long run. Set aside 5 minutes each day, throughout the day for reflection. What is going on? How do I feel like I do and Why?